Oxy Disaster

Oxy Disaster

Very good and very topical, nice to be controversial some time. Well done.

Thanks, Paul! I was on this pain pill for a long time. When we moved to Costa Rica in 2010, I discovered that my shipments from the states were routinely "gone through", with those tablets missing. I ended up putting myself through a slow withdrawal with the ones I had left. It was Difficult. Now, I depend on over-the-counter drugs, only.

Well done Skyar, for sharing with Us, I am pleased you have achieved getting off them. Constant pain is debilitating but can be controlled as you know in many good ways.

WOW! this is a really powerful piece of work, very provocative. Well done

Paul - Since then, I'm very difficult to convince other pain relievers won't do the same thing. Zoe - Thank you!

Love it particularly the nails very raw. Doing something you love like painting releases endorphins that can reduce pain. Just keep painting and creating your own natural opiates!

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What has become of a company's greed. The Sackler Family (Purdue Pharma) wants to Settle for a mere 3 Billion Dollars...

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