Hidden Figure

Hidden Figure

Has a classical look Skylar, love how you have used the brush strokes to define the shape and contours of the muscles. Also the areas of vagueness add to the intrigue of the piece. Impressive!

Fiona - Thank you! I had the idea, then had to figure out how to produce it. I tried about 5 diff. approaches before I got this balance. The color palette is certainly classic.

An experiment that has worked well, Skylar. You have managed to get the muscle bulk and tones just right.

Jennifer - Thank you so much!

Where do you find all your hunks? this is great.

Rippling muscles so well portrayed, watch out Da Vinci!

Mmm - Skylar, you are making this "old lady's" heart flutter - don't think I can take this excitement, but DON'T STOP!

Linda - Thanks for the comment. I am always sketching, and thinking of ideas. Some work better than others...

Carole - I wouldn't even think to compete with the Great Leonardo, tho he is a "Saint" of mine. I was thinking more of Big Mike's works in the Vatican. An aging mural with the figure just discernible.

Adele - I'm sorry. I'll go right back to landscapes and flowers!!!

Wow he looks great Skylar, some muscles on him which you have defined really well.

Margaret - Thank you so much!

Gudrun - Thanks so much!

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This is an experiment in minimal imagery in a setting. Appx 9x12" Artrage Oils.

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Life-long artist. Made most of my living that way. Traveled a lot, painting around the world. Everything from graphic Design to commissioned portraits. Movie & TV graphics, Music Video Bkgs, Murals, - You get the gist. Now retired. Still Travel. Paint every day.

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