Cup 'O Tea

Cup 'O Tea

Beautifully done, I like how you have the woodgrain through the glass saucer Skylar. Lovely amber shades.

Lovely glowing colours, wouldn't mind this cup of tea!

S T U N N I N G........i think you should have your paintings published.....

You are extraordinarily talented. Your acute perception of colour, tone and form culminate in this wonderful cameo Skylar. Off for a cups.

I think this is very clever.. It would be lovely on a kitchen wall!

Brilliantly painted, so clever.

Carole - Thank you for taking a look, and commenting!

Sandra - Thank you! This is my morning ritual (I just use a cobalt colored glass beaker).

Peter - Thanks so much! I do sell my works. (I have a favorite Giclee printer just blocks from my house)

Carole - I am so happy with your comment. Thank you!

Lyn - Thanks so much! I'm sure it will be, someday! (I sell everything)

Linda - I am happy you like this. Thanks so much!

I'll have milk in mine please! Excellent work Skylar.

Margaret - Me, too! (I grew up with an English grandma. We had Tea with milk every Sunday morning, before church. I use her teapot, now.) Thanks for commenting!

Maureen - Indeed...

Brilliant! What a great subject! The saucer looks so brassy.

Posted on Wed 30 Aug 09:56:56

Ibolya - Thanks so much!

Brilliant Skylar. So realistic I could pick it up and have a drink. Great talent 💚

Thank you, Rachel (my mother's name). I so appreciate your words!

Hang on Studio Wall

Appx 9x12". Artrage5 Oils. Cup of tea, with teabag

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