Abandoned Pit Stop

Abandoned Pit Stop

Great painting. Reminds me of similar places we passed on a road trip to the USA. Love it.

Thank you, Christine! There are many of these old places here in Texas. I periodically go on photo outings to find such places to paint. I seem to be "drawn" to rust.

Very atmospheric Skylar and I love the buildings and the old truck. Great character, and I sense a story here.

Tessa - Thank you cor your observations. I Do tend to paint narratives...so...

I'm a great admirer of you work Skylar and I apologise for making a joking remark about your naked lady painting. It was thoughtless but certainly not disrespectful . Apologies again.

Jim - Thanks for the comments. I took no offense. I have been subject of true thoughtlessness in other forums. You just can't take a negative too seriously. There are always more positives.

Magic. Cheers buddy. So glad.

Jim - You're welcome!

Hang on Studio Wall

Actually a Bkg.for a WIP. Thought it turned out pretty well. Wanted to share this. Orig size appx.11x14" Krita Oils.

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