Ode To Maxfield

Ode To Maxfield

So moody and beautiful light.

Val-Irene - Thank you!

Leslie - Thank you! Most images I like to do have pronounced light of some kind.

The golden glow shows your love for Parrish, the beautiful classic girl and magical atmosphere. The semi-circular shapes in the leaves, throughout the painting are unique and captivating! (my favorite part) Absolutely wonderful Skylar. I admire your compositions and your beautiful light in all your paintings.

Wonderful, Skylar.

Nancy - Thank You! I am truly humbled. So often, because I live alone now, and spend so much time painting, The words I read here are my most valuable source of affirmation.

Cesare - Thank you so very much!

Man, what a talent, those little touched on the case and the light you portray ,is pure magic. Love all your work Skylar.

Jim - Thank you so very much! I wanted this to have an other-worldly feel. So glad you like it!

Love the dreaminess of this Skylar, accentuated by the golden glow in the trees and on the path and slightly out of focus background. The lady is enjoying her precious moments before it all disappears.

Caroline - Thank You!

Carole - I Love your scenario! It contains all that I hoped would be appreciated!

Another superb piece Skylar, as has already been said, the light is fantastic but the position and pose of the figure is just gorgeous.

Magical quality and warmth in this wonderfully interesting painting.

Russell - Thanks so much! I was a bit more careful with the figure than I am usually.

Lyn - Thank you! Warm tones always make me feel good. (However, if you notice, the figure's clothing is quite opposite those golds and yellows.

Wonderful light and scene, Skylar

I appreciate you comment so much, Maureen! Thank you!

Hang on Studio Wall

From my love for Parrish. Orig.size appx.14x18" Painter Oils.

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Life-long artist. Made most of my living that way. Traveled a lot, painting around the world. Everything from graphic Design to commissioned portraits. Movie & TV graphics, Music Video Bkgs, Murals, - You get the gist. Now retired. Still Travel. Paint every day.

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