"Light A Candle Against The Darkness"

"Light A Candle Against The Darkness"

Brilliant Skylar. What a lovely glow coming from the candle, very skilfully done.

A lovely translucency in the candle and reflective light Skylar.

A Beautiful Painting Skylar. The light is incredible. Well done.

Just amazing Skylar. Love the the contrast between light & dark.

Brilliant of course. 😊

Beautiful, a lovely idea and so delicate

Margaret - Thank you so very much! This was a fast impressionist piece truly inspired by reading this quote.

Carole Thank you! My favorite color ranges.

Patricia - This light has a timeless feel to me. Thanks for noting it.

Carole K - Thank you! I am prone to paint in high contrasts, I think.

Peter - Thanks so much!

Thank you so much, Shirley!

Annie - Thank you very much!

Beautiful work,. Skylar, and lovely subject.

How lovely, Skylar - love the light and dark and warm colours in between

Cesare - Your comment is much appreciated. Thank you!

Maureen - Thank you so much! This is my favorite palette.

Hang on Studio Wall

An interpretation of the famous quote. Artrage Oils. Appx 14x18" orig.size.

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