Raven In The Rain

Raven In The Rain

I like this more than the other one

I like them both. This one looks less comical and rather menacing. Love the highlights on The feathers

Yes, I'm not so sympathetic this time, he looks feisty.

He's great Skylar . . . we have a huge rookery in some fields close to us, and they come and sit on a wire outside our bedroom at daybreak and make an almighty noise with their cawing. Drive me crazy at that time of the morning, but they are such characters too! 😊

Alan - Thanks! I thought about the first's expression, and wanted to show another side.

Diana - Thank you! Yes, this one seems irritated at the rain...

Marjorie - Thanks for the comment. I agree, he is a bit testy.

Jacky - Thanks! I said earlier about all those birds around when I was growing up. The farmers hated them.

I like this one a bit more than the previous although they are both super pieces of work, great highlights.

Margaret - Thank you for commenting. I think this one gives the idea that the bird is angered by being all wet.

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Second image of this theme. Artrage Oils. Appx 14x18"

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