first drypoint

first drypoint

Neither have I Sian - what is it?

We scratched our picture, Jean, using a metal tool with a sharp point - a pair of compasses would do the job - onto a piece of perspex like that used instead of glass in coldframes. We then rubbed by hand ink over the whole surface using just a wad of cloth before buffing it off to leave ink mostly in the grooves. Then put it through the tutor's press. It is possible to improve it and put it though again but doing 3 techniques in a row (will post the third one today) I did not have the time.

A very good effort Sian! I have never tried drypoint either, sounds interesting.

Hi sian, thanx for your comments, i was asked to do the dramatic castle for a local shop ready for the eisteddfod. i think you have done a great job on this dry point this is my fav form of printing, i use a piece of card side on to apply the ink then rub with scrim and take the highlights out with a cotton bud, for a cheaper way you could use shiny card or cereal box instead of perspex but you only get a few goes, carry on with the prints, well done x

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29.1.11. done at a REC workshop where we produced one lino cut, one dry point and one engraved image. Ran out of the time needed to work on this but it was a good experience as I had never heard of drypoint before.

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