Tribute to Bob Ross!


Love the reflections, looks like you did have fun.

I prefer yours .... It's interesting to watch his series. I tried the life drawing thing yesterday. Pose cam didn't pose and was too far away for any good detail to be able to draw anything decent. Gave up after an hour and watched a depressing film instead!

I much prefer this to Bob Ross's chocolate box style, Shirley.His work will sell to the masses, but few artists would buy them. Just a personal view

Full of radiance Shirley May and yes, much superior to Bob Ross’s work, although I think he does a grand job of encouraging people to take up art as a hobby, because of his simple, straightforward demonstrations.

You can emulate the Bob Ross wet in wet style in acrylics but you have to work quickly. Using an acrylic slow dry medium can help a bit. As you say, good fun!!

Posted by Bob Ward on Wed 13 May 11:49:53

You are all very kind to me! I have so enjoyed gazing at him painting. I've got one of those painting knives now. He just conveys what he's doing very well🥰

Thanks so much for these kind comments. I do appreciate Bob’s great demos.

Hang on Studio Wall

My attempt to use some of Bob’s methods, but with acrylics. So fast work needed, and not quite the same really. But fun!

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