A Flame in the Forest

A Flame in the Forest

Lovely gallery Seok!

Lovely painting Seok , are woodpeckers common over there Seok I don't see them often here, I do hear them more often when they are drilling its miraculous there brain can cope with the vibrations. SUPERB.

A beautiful painting, Seok. I love the textures, detail and colour that you've incorporated into this painting - well done! This woodpecker is a definitely a lovely bird.

Thank you very much, Linda, Dennis and Wib! Dennis, yes, this variety is quite common out here in Singapore, but like the ones you're talking about, they're more often heard than seen. I had to make several attempts before I could sight them and take a decent photograph. They're insanely fast on the move and it takes a million shots before one can get something decent.

Oh how exotic Seok, you are so lucky. This is colourful and skillfully executed.

Super painting Seok, a good and strong painterly style. Very good use of colour. I like to get birds in flight, not easy but as you will all to well know it takes patience, and intuition. I went out with my video camera today and got a great bit of film of a heron flying and turning over the lake.

He's lovely, Seok, so much more colourful than our native Woodpeckers - and the growth on the tree is interesting as well.

Such a lovely painting again Seok with a magnificent looking bird! The tree trunk is fantastic too and the colours so hot and deep. Another winner!

Brilliant, 'exotic', tropical and skillful work Seok.

Another work of distinction Seok

This is a fantastic. Gorgeous composition which was well worth taking lots of photos for!

Outstanding Seok, what a stunning bird. Your patience paid off getting this great shot.

Hes lovely Seok...not a woodpecker that we have here in the Uk. he is much brighter .

This is a beautiful painting of a beautiful bird, such pretty plumage. There are lots to look at in the painting as the tree as well as the woodpecker are full of colour. Great.

Fascinating bird and love the textures on the tree

Thank you so very much, everyone!

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A Common Flameback Woodpecker on a Bottlebrush Tree in our neighbor's garden. Acrylic on Paper.

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