Spring at Dedham Hall

Spring at Dedham Hall

Seok! Just what we need to brighten up the start to the weekend, your latest artwork! And it is a an excellent one as well, great figurework gets our attention straight away in the middle of this scene with their lovely bright clothing, and the man walking towards us with the dog and the pinky red shirt is linked beautifully to the door colour of the building that he is walking past, the tree and shrubs are delightfully captured as well, you are so good with trees despite hating greens at some point in the past I seem to remember, love the fade out of the distant shrubs throwing the people in the centre into relief, the scene comes together perfectly, and thanks so much for your kind comment on my two pastel portraits of the Giant and Miniature Schnauzer dogs !

Hi Seok, Ros has commented so well your beautiful painting that there are no more words for me except that it's absolutely adorable!

Just what you need, a beautiful picture to brighten your day,

Very attractive to the eye, nice bold scenic effects, but I most like the really subtle animation in those figures, you can't help feel that you want to know what that conversation is about between the couple.

What a lovely hazy feel you've captured in this painting Seok Yam, and that tree is wonderful!

Absolutely beautiful as usual - everything is just perfect!

Posted by Ann Cook on Fri 11 Oct 16:20:58

Beyond the abundant technical skill, there's a winning narrative theme to the work. It's intimate and beguiling.

Done in your very beguiling style - a mixture of looseness and delicacy. Really lovely painting, Seok.

P.S. Just read Kim's comment (which I didn't read before writing mine) and I see that we are both on a same wavelength about the quality of your work How spooky!

Lovely Composition, very interesting, and effective!

Beautifully painted Seok.

This is another wonderful painting. Your work is always superb.

Beautiful tree formation and great recession Seok. Lovely scene.

Thank you so very much, everyone, for your very kind comments!

Seok! your work is always eye catching and very harmonious too!

Your work is so inspiring Seok and I just love the way you have portrayed the trees and bushes in this painting. Wonderful.

Thank you very much, Sarah and Val!

very nice work Seok, I enjoyed a week painting at Dedham Hall a few years ago, I remember great painting and great food too!

Thank you very much, Stephen!

Hi Seok, thanks for your comments on my work. Certainly missed this one, just love it. When I get back into watercolours I'm certainly going to look into painting trees with this negative technique, it's first class.

Thanks very much, Peter!<br />

Lovely Seok. Dedham Hall is a great place, isn&#39;t it? Peaceful, calm, welcoming and friendly - all of which you have captured in this painting with your superb washes and delicate colours.

Thanks very much, Jennifer!

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