Super super drawing, Seok.

Wonderful work Seok, I feel I can touch it.

You really focused yourself to do this Seok. Very well done.

Outstanding drawing!

Posted on Tue 06 Feb 15:11:08

What a marvellous drawing Seok, a lot of patience needed to complete all the detail, just great.

Lovely delicate drawing with many nuances of tone. A great achievement Seok.

Good drawing

Posted by T H on Tue 06 Feb 16:59:42

That is extraordinary Seok! Your drawing skills are out of this world, it couldn't be better!

Wow....this is super!

A stunning piece of work Seok.

A wonderful drawing of classical figure well done Seok

Superbly done Seok, all those lovely 'nooks and crannies' brilliantly drawn.

The intricate form of this sculpture has been beautifully described with the shadows and highlights. It looks extremely tricky

Well done Seok , this is superb. Why not try some clay modelling , I 'm sure you could do it.

Thank you very much, everyone! Fred, I assure you the thought has crossed my mind, but unfortunately I think I have used up every inch of my studio space!

Hang on Studio Wall
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Bust drawing from my classical drawing class. Pencil and chalk on Schut Ingres paper.

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