Wind and Waves

Wind and Waves

Absolutely love this Seok, such lovely harmonious earthy colours and a really super design!

Lovely delicate work in this super painting as usual Seok. It has a wonderful modern feel to it, great stuff Seok.

Love the patterns in the fan shapes, you've made them seem as if they are made of lace, super work!

Lovely lovely composition again Seok! The very delicate colours and the lace like patterns on the fans work beautifully together and create a harmonious little piece of art.

Beautiful design - lovely colours and a super idea. These remind me of fans or even of shells on the beach with the sandy colours behind them. A great idea.

Even more intricate than the last Seok, it has confidence and harmony....superb!

What beautiful patterns Seok, this is great art.

Really nice piece Seok, like the composition and colours which are very harmonies and pleasing,.

Thanks so very much, everyone!

This is a charming piece Seok!

Thanks very much, Dennis and Sarah!

Hang on Studio Wall
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Practising the use of pre-inked stencils in my monoprint class.

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