Love the pricked ears and the little eyes tucked into the white hair, a super cute little boy what a lovely memory to keep Satu

Like the portrait - were you looking for snails in the cupboard?

How lovely to find your Napoleon again. He is a sweetie.

Beautiful dog Satu and very nicely painted. I think we all like to draw and paint our pets when we lose them, it is kind of therapuetic.

Almost missed this Satu as it is so different from your usual style, what a lovely little dog and the story with it too!

I like it so much Satu!! a really beautiful painting of your dog.

He's very cute Satu, thank you for sharing him.

Thank you all for your kind comments, very much appreciated!

Gorgeous. It's a lovely reminder of a faithful friend.

He's adorable, Satu. I have wanted to try portraits of the dogs I have lost, but apart from doing one of my Milly (who is still with me) I just haven't been able to do it. I would love to have a memory of my dogs as you have here with Napoleon, so I might now try. This is such a gentle portrait, obviously painted with love and that sentiment comes over clearly to the viewer.

Thank you both Dawn and Thea for your kind words. I can still remember the feeling of sadness when I painted the portrait and how I imagined him in heaven with his friends. He was such a lovely boy and I still miss him. Thea, you could try to paint your dogs, it is therapeutic as Carole said.

He is beautiful, a lovely memory

A really gorgeous piece, Satu! I love that butter-wouldn't-melt-in-his-mouth look that you've captured so well!

Lovely painting, I enjoyed painting my dogs as it brought them back to life in my memory.

Hi satu this beautiful little painting is very moving for me. I love animals totally . I lost my little dog bobby in 2002 i never got over it really. But i have Charlie his photo is on my blog have a look satu. Lovely picture

I had an Afghan Hound called Henry, and I loved him to bits . . . still do and always will. I can identify with you, therefore, over this lovely memory of Napoleon. He is beautifully portrayed here, Satu. A charming painting.

Thank you so much Dennis and Jennifer, they do stay with us forever.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my dear Napoleon who died in1985 and I painted his portrait shortly afterwards. This is also my first framed work and I remember of being quite proud of it. I found it in a cupboard today while looking for something else and decided to share it with you. He was a lovely companion and I have very fond memories of him.

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