Gnome Trail

Gnome Trail

The mere idea of it - I'm still laughing at the thought . And it's steaming too - after all Ambrose is a dragon. Anyone who is not in on it will be completely puzzled by it all - and now it's Ivan's turn.

I couldn't resist Michael, your idea was so funny. Oh, well it's Halloween night and I'm allowed to be a bit silly. I had my scary hat on tonight when I opened the door for the trick and treaters, so there.

Oh Sharon this made me laugh! Bet they were wearing masks 😷

Very very funny Satu LOL

Carole, it's me, Satu not Sharon! You must have had too many sweets last night! Glad that you found it funny Val!

Oh my, what was I thinking! I do apologize Satu, must have been that horrid witch flying over put a confusion spell on me :(

No need to apologise Carole x

Lol Satu, you've managed to capture a very painful expression on his face...from the strain and the odour!

So many dragons, so many gnomes, so many goodies :)

Many thanks Fiona and Margaret! I just wonder if he ever found a poobin big enough to dispose the bag.

This not a real goodie Ivan but thanks anyway.

I was away last week Satu and spent some time this morning looking through the gallery when I came across this. I was puzzled, just didn't get the joke and wondered why the comments talked about 'strains' and 'odours'! I spotted the lines from the heavy bag he was pulling, his expression and your description of him walking the dragon but still just didn't see what it was. Then, confused, I carried on and came across Michael's cartoon and it all made sense., it's so very funny as are the comments. A steaming, smelly heavy bag ..brilliant.. LOL

Thanks Louise! You know, I miss the snail trail, it was such fun and the dark winter months went past much quicker when so many people took part and also when we did those oneliners. They were great!

Agree Satu. Unfortunately, many of the artists who joined in the fun don't seem to be around these days. We need a good new challenge or even a fun pol comp. Remember the struggle we all had with our Terry and Fiona wedding portraits? It was a serious competition but I smile when I remember my own efforts. I'll never forget that one! I've just seen your latest posting and will try out something similar myself if you don't mind. Looks like fun to do and a challenge for me at least :)

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