At the dentist

At the dentist

Flat out. Very funny Satu.

Hilarious Satu, thanks.

Will she be getting false beeth?

Good one Satu! lol

The best way for bees to be :) nice one Satu!

Thank you all for the comments! Michael, she's having her teeth pulled out so that she can't bite me again.

Lol! She needs to bee still so they can get it over and done with!

The bee looks in shock Satu!!

Ouch! Satu gets her revenge :)

Ouch! Very good, Satu!

Thank you all for the great comments! I can now tell you that she survived and is sucking honey trough a straw.

If this is a cocaine fix, she? will bee bee yond caring!

Who said anything about cocaine Roger??!! Have you had one too many??

Serves him right for stinging you!

Hang on Studio Wall

Bee- numbed

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