So many bees, who'd have thought they could inspire us like this! Yet another good one Satu. A smart looking bee as well!

I knew I had the alphabet wrong.. I Love it Satu, It's adorable. :)

Well, I thought we'd exhausted the 'B' theme, but they keep,on coming. Brilliant Satu!

Looks like this theme is going to bee a runner......nice one Satu!

The comments make me laugh as well.. eg 'bee a runner' ( Fiona's) !!!!

Love it!!!<br />

The Bee theme seems to be really bringing out people&#39;s creative side, both with the art work but also the ideas and text. Great one, Satu!

Very clever Satu - it&#39;s amazing how many ideas people are coming up with. Long live the bees!

I learn something new every day Satu great take

What a swarm of lovely comments! Thank you everybody very much!

Another B.... Cartoon. No, just joking - keep &#39;em coming - yet another good &#39;un.

Love this Satu, I really enjoy the bees, they are the bee&#39;s knees.

Hang on Studio Wall

I just had to think of something after Louise's brilliant B road

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