A simply magical idea, who else could come up with that one? It's perfection Satu in its simplicity.

Alan has said it perfectly, and I don't see any evidence of painters block when you can magic ideas like this Satu! Love it!

Absolutely great - no painters block here - just painters round :)

Great idea, great apple!

Thank you very much Alan, Fiona, Michael and Louise for your comments, always much appreciated!

Looks tasty Satu, you good at turning things round when you are unsatisfied with your painting.

I can detect an air of satisfaction and defiance in there Satu - well done!

Simple and very effective...good stuff! As far as the painter's block goes...I think that it's a seasonal thing...mine's been here for months!

Great idea, Satu, to paint this at a time of painters block! I shall remember this for the future!!

Thank you very much Carole, Marjorie, Roger and Jennifer for your kind comments! Roger, you might be right with the seasonal block. In the summertime there's so many other things to do and at least for me not enough stimulation to urge me on. Let's hope that when September comes and life goes back to normal the block will dissolve and we will be free again.

Lonely planet apple! Very mysterious. No hint of painter's block, at least it is not apparent in the quality of work.

A true representation of Pluto at last

Thank you Gudrun and Dennis! I have reveilled the secret to you my dear POL friends: Pluto is an apple!

What a brilliant idea Satu!

An intriguing concept that translated beautifully on canvas, Satu! Rendered expertly, with great control of tones.

Thank you very much Seok for your kind comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

Trying to fight against the painter's block which is lurking behind the corner..again!!..I chose the easy option by painting a big red apple but when it started to look very unappetising I remembered those fascinating photos of Pluto, recently in news, and changed the colours into very darks and lights. So here is Pluto, the new variety of white apples.

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