Guess who? One line challenge.

Guess who? One line challenge.

He looks vaguely familiar Satu but I'd need a clue! Someone wobbly? .. .LOL

John Sergeant ? He was wobbly on Strictly!

He's not wobbly, my hand was because of the aeroplane shaking!!

It could be John Sergeant as he was definitely wobbly on Strictly but does he wear glasses? Jack Straw on a wobbly day?

ok, on a wobbly hand day..LOL

grasping at straws now, Jerry Springer?

David Mellor, although I am not sure he wears glasses. Can see John Sargeant as well. Also David Hockney. ........... ??

The BBC's foreign correspondent John Simpson?

Looks like John Sargeant to me. Whoever he is, that's a cracking piece, Satu - spontaneous, lively, brimming of humor. Super work!

Well done Christine! John Simpson it is. He's not wearing glasses but because I had a wobbly hand day the bags under his eyes are bit excessive. Thank you all for playing!

Yes when I read Christines I could see the likeness Satu.

I don't think it needs to be a specific person, though it adds to the fun. this is just a great drawing whoever it is. Lovely confident mark making.

Thank you Carole and Sylvia!

Hang on Studio Wall

I drew this while sitting in the aeroplane on my way to Finland. It is a bit wobbly but I hope you can recognise him.

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