What an exotic name for the factory Satu! A lovely painting made all the more interesting with the touching story behind it. It has the look of a L.S.Lowry industrial scene painting but your figures are better!

Your explanation helps makes this such a memorable painting - it tells the story.

I agree with Christine and Michael, lovely painting Satu

Oh Satu how lovely.the painting and the story together are very moving. Your Mother and you together on the fence you say she died i say she had a shift in consciousness. Life is a journey i believe and i have good reason .Anyway enough said on that .If you would like to know more text me. I'm in the measure painter in December Satu take care.

That should spell

Leasure the keyboard is too small

What a wonderful way to remember and honour your Mum Satu, it's a super little painting!

Thank you Christine, Michael, Petra, Dennis and Debs for your very kind comments! The factory is still there and producing most wonderful objects. Some of them can be found at John Lewis's and the Scandinavian shop in London. Dennis, I'm looking forward to reading your article in the Leisure Painter in December. Christine, you're absolutely right about Lowry! Two weeks ago the Wednesday painting group was asked to do an industrial scene Lowry way and my first thought was Arabia. After that I forgot about his work and concentrated on my painting. I'm so glad if it looks something like Lowry's.

How interesting - even before I read the comments, I thought "Lowry"! It's such a lovely tribute to your Mum, Satu, and I'm so sorry to hear of her passing. Time does fly, but the good memories always remain and our lives are so much the richer for them - a point definitely reinforced by your beautiful rendition of this superb piece!

Thank you Seok very much for your kind words!

Very evocative on its own, but even more so with the history behind it. How times have changed ....

Thank you very much Gudrun! Times have changed indeed...

What a wonderful story and I can see that you put your heart and soul into this painting. Who cares about accuracy? Art isn't about that - it is about feelings and putting those feeling down on paper through the medium of drawing and painting. You've done a superb job here and I wouldn't mind betting that your mother would have loved it.

Thank you Thea so much for your kind words! And you're certainly right that my mum would have loved this painting. X

Every now and again Satu, a painting appears on this site which seems to get inside my head and I just know that I'll always remember it. It doesn't happen too often but this is one of those memorable paintings which will stay with me. I spotted it just before going to Wimbledon for the weekend to visit my daughter and now I'm back home I had to tell you. It's one of those pictures that has that certain something about it. Whether it's because of your description, the fact that it conveys your feelings and emotions or whether it's just a good strong painting, I'm not actually sure, but I find it to be quite moving and all credit to you for painting it. It can't have been easy. I won't forget this one.

Thank you Louise for your beautiful words, I'll cherish them forever. X

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This is my childhood scene with the big china factory in Helsinki. My mother and grandparents worked there all their lives and nearly all our neighbours and many relatives also. My mother passed away six years ago this month and this painting is to honour her life. There are many mistakes with the drawing and perspective but I don't care, I painted from heart with love. ( I'm sitting on the fence on the left hand side. I waited there for my mum almost every day at four o'clock when the workers came out.)

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