Mother and child

Mother and child

Love this, Satu, and I don't think the background is too dark at all - the hats and flesh tones stand out so beautifully against it. It's charming!

A lovely portrait Satu but I think a lighter background would enhance it even more. Perhaps something to tone in with the bluey green tones on your grandaughter's sun hat. I am no exper!!

It is a chasrming picture. Should the background be darker? I don't think so. If anything I would like to see more light picked out in the flesh tones. But then again, I couldn't paint this, so what do I know!

No, I definitely don't think the background is too dark. I think it is a wonderful contrast to the white of the hat and clothes. The painting has a real glow to it and a lovely sentiment - super work, Satu.

Wonderful painting, I like the dark background Satu.

Jane, Christine, Gudrun, Tony, Thea and Carole. Thank you very much for your kind comments, much appreciated!

I think the dark background makes the lights sing even louder Satu. It's a charming painting.

A delightful piece, Satu, and the background is perfect! It sets off the figures beautifully and gives such an elegant, muted feel to the painting. What a lovely family momento!

Lovely Satu. I like it as it is. Beautiful variety of greys.

I like the dark background Satu and the figures, lovely.

Thank you Avril and William! Dark background it is then!

Love the tonal shades in the background. I agree that the darker background helps highlight the hats. Well done you, Satu - not easy to do portraits. A labour of love here, I think. Jx

Thank you Jean! Yes it is a labour of love indeed. x

Hang on Studio Wall

Back with canvas and brushes. I have these lovely photos of my daughter and grandaughter and could not resist painting another one but in acrylics this time. What do you think of the background, is it too dark?

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