Another stunner, Satu! I love the backdrop - it looks like a sky of fireworks, and the bird just flying into it just creates the requisite tension and movement. Works really well!

Lovely lively painting Satu.

A burst of sunshine and feathers Satu......beautiful!

Thank you very much Michael, Seok, Karyl and Fiona for your kind comments!

I love this bird, Satu, and your harbour picture. Both look so lively and light.

Great painting of a seagull hovering, probably has his eye on someone's chips! Love the abstract background too!

My first thought. "This is beautiful". The colours and textures and shapes; everything sings. Fantastic work. Well worth your efforts.

lovely vibrant piece of art Satu I like your work Satu because you go for it and it is totally unique to you its hard to be daring well done

They said it all, Satu: stunning!

Thank you Shirley, Christine, Gudrun, Dennis and Mia for your lovely comments!

Well this caught my eye Satu, great movement.

I am really envious of your artistry in any medium. You always seem to produce a show-stopper whatever you do and this one is no exception.

Thank you very much Thea for your kind words!

Its all been said Satu, and I am late again (you can't take your eyes off the site for a day without missing a few beauties!), but just want to add my appreciation. This is really effective, love the square format as well.

Thank you very much Sharon!

Hang on Studio Wall

Two days of hard work with this one! Had a photo to use again but to get the proportions right was rather difficult. I'm still not sure about the body and the legs but I did my best. Acrylic on canvas 50cm x 50cm

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