And it's super Satu, such great colours, hey how did you get on at that art on the streets type event that you were putting some paintings in to?

I sold one flower painting there and to others in an other event so I have been very lucky. Thank you Ros for asking.

I do like this Satu.

This is scrumptious - I live the colour. It is so full of life. Well done on your paintings sales too!


rich and vibrant. lovely.

Love your bouquets Satu abstracty and colourful. I like to think that the lower bit is reflection but it may be the vase? That's what makes abstract so interesting one can decide for one's self! (I sound like the Queen!) :o))

All the P's Satu.......perfect, pink/purple Peonies! The touches of yellow are great and so is your painting Satu!

Fabulous work Satu!! so vibrant and full of energy.

Wonderful colourful abstract painting Satu, love it!

Thank you all for such kind comments, very much appreciated! I have just come back from a visit to the Mall Galleries in London ( ROI ) and what a lovely trip that was. A good mixture of traditional and modern and it gave me fresh ideas. Carole, the lower part of my painting is a vase indeed but as you said one can decide for one self.

Such gorgeous colours..... rich and deep ! And the swirling flower heads give it life and vitality.... Beautiful.

Wonderful painting! It zings with energy. It just works. I had to chose between NEAC and ROI for my Mall galleries visit and chose NEAC. I suspect equally inspiring! I love going to exhibitions because it reminds me that there is an infinite variety of painting. I also went to the RA and and as you know The National Gallery where I left one of the staff pondering the fact she had not noticed that the Stubbs's horse is contorted with a wonderfully shiny coat.

I really envy your style with flowers, they shine out from the gallery.

Thank you Avril, Gudrun and Val for your encouraging comments! Gudrun, I would have loved to see the face of the member of the staff! Next time take me with you!

I'll mention next time I go on an exhibition splurge in London!

This is just gorgeous. The depth of colour and vibrancy is awesome.

Not sure how I missed this one Satu! Love it!!

Thank you very much Dawn and Debs! Gudrun, I hope you do, it would be great to meet you.

Absolutely stunning, Satu! Beautiful composition and your variety of palette knife marks adds so much depth to the painting. Well done indeed!

This superb, Satu. I am actually running out of ways to compliment your flower paintings as I think they are amazing. Well done, indeed!

Thank you very much Seok and Thea!

Hang on Studio Wall

I painted this about a month ago and really enjoyed it. Acrylic on canvas 50cm x 50cm.

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