Still life with Flowers

Still life with Flowers

Love the mix of colours in this one Satu, especially the overriding pink!

I like the free style of this and the colours. I have just bought some acrylic paints and look forward to trying them out. Your painting inspires me.

Vibrant and dynamic Satu , it is definitely finished!

Leave it just as it is its perfect.

I love how you have made the marks to highlight the form of the blooms Satu. Great colours!

Vibrant and living. I like it as it is, but could see another dropped petal in the fuschia colour in the bottom right hand corner. But I think I would leave well alone. "Don't fiddle "

Thank you all for your lovely comments, much appreciated! Sylvia, I just might drop one petal in that corner, thank you.

Leave it alone, Satu! It is perfect as it is and the quieter area on the bottom left gives the eyes a rest before they move on to a more exciting area. Brilliant colour combination and a superb design.

Yup - leave it be - a joyous painting of super abstract qualities.

These colours just sing together. I like the contrast between the business of the flower heads and the quieter section in the lower right, seems perfect to me :)

Thea, Michael and Lesley, thank you very much for your encouraging comments!

I think I'm in the "leave it" camp, too; I do tend to fiddle away at things, though, so am rather inclined to advise others against doing the same.. I know I WOULD put something in the right hand corner, and if that isn't good enough reason for you not to do it, I don't know what is...............

It's just excellent, Satu! I think it doesn't need any embellishments, it's quite perfect as is. Love the unusual combination of colors, the variety of marks and shapes and the composition. Really really stunning work!

Thank you very much Robert and Seok for your kind comments! The jury has decided "no" so no it is and I'll leave the painting as it is. Thank you all for your support!

Good, because I was going to say leave it. You don't always need "balance"; it makes a painting flop a bit. (I'm good with technical terms eh?) This one zings, with the colours and energy.

So colourful Satu, I like the way you have accentuated some flowers with lines.

I like it. It works well for me.

Thank you so much Gudrun, Carole and Dawn!

Absolutely superb! Fantastic complementary colours ...... another winner! All put together with such vitality.

Hi Satu, thank you for your comments on my last effort, you asked how many dogs I have, well I have four, 2 collies 1 collie cross and 1 Alsation cross, they are all mad as hatters.

Thank you very much Avril!

Hi, Satu. I am just catching up on what I have missed of yours. This is so brilliant. In colour and composition and life. Love it!

Thank you very much Sian for your kind comment!

Hang on Studio Wall

I'm not sure if this painting is finished or not. I might become too busy if I add something on the lower right hand side, I quite like it as it is, what do you think? Acrylic on canvas 60cm x 60cm

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