Les Grands Boulevards

Les Grands Boulevards

You've really captured it - nice one Satu

I don't have a clue what a catalyst is Satu but you have used it/them to great effect here. I really like the almost monochrome palette it gives it a very chic look!

Very effective. It's the angles and shapes that give the impact. Your limited palette evokes the dated feel somehow; difficult to explain really. It just works. What is a Catalyst, apart from the chemical one; an alternative to palette knives?

Well, you learn something everyday! I 'googled' Catalyst and now understand what the new tool you're using is. I like the result very much and as Fiona says the monochrome palette really lends itself to this atmospheric painting.

I agree with all the above a great painting and excellent figures.

Thank you very much Michael, Fiona,Gudrun, Christine and Glennis for your kind comments! The best way to discover Catalysts is to Google it like Christine did. I saw them in an art magazine two weeks ago and asked if my art shop had any in stock. They had just ordered some so I was able to get them a week later.

Very original Satu. I love the tones and angular shapes....... well done, again!

Lovely work Satu. The fashion of the 50s comes through very well.

Lots of energy and movement in this Satu. Nice one :)

Avril, Carole and Sarah, thank you! I have modified the people a little bit and will post the new version tomorrow.

This is lovely in a different way from the later version, Satu. I like the very muted feel of it.

Hang on Studio Wall

I went through some old books and found a lovely photo of a Parisian boulevard in my French study book. It has been taken in the fifties by an unknown photographer and I took the liberty of using it as a reference for this painting. I discovered some new silicone painting tools called Catalyst and just had to buy four. So here I have used those new tools and my big palette knife and one or two brushes. Acrylic 60cm x 60cm.

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