Love at first sight

Love at first sight

How interesting looking through your process for arriving this painting. I really like the outcome. It hase beautiful shapes and colours. The expression of the birds is also lovely....

It's a very nice image. Works well and I like the design element. The two pears evolved into lovely shaped birds! I totally sympathize with you about the shower! A lot of my work has a good wash down!

This is very original, Satu. So you can see how one image can leed to another beautiful result!

I love this, Satu! And I wish all my painter;s blocks end up like this! It's such a clever concept, and I usually like bright colors, but I love the stark simplicty of the white and black contrast, which works so very well for this painting.

Very interesting, I agree with the above comments

Thank you Ping, Louise, Mia, Seok and Petra for your lovely comments! You are so kind to always say something encouraging.

Interesting what images can evolve from a couple of pears, I had a painting of pears turn into two rather portly ladies at the beach. : )

Satu, are you a mathematician? I find these peardridges very interesting. They look great when blown up to fill the whole screen. How did you get the subtle grain effect of ridges in the bars? And is that your eye looking out from the top left hand corner?

Thank you William for your comment. Have you still got those ladies? Would like to see them. Hi Sian, and no ,I'm not a mathematician, more like an linguist. I got that grain effect by painting with liquid acrylic on top of normal acrylic (once that it has dried up ). I bought 3 little bottles of the stuff and have been playing with them. Quite interesting! Not my eye in the corner either but I must say that you are very observant.

Another painting with are a very versatile artist. I love your creativity.

Thank you Stephen, you are very kind.

Hang on Studio Wall

I wanted to paint but didn't know what to do. This poor canvas has been painted over three times and it has had a shower twice. Desperate to do something I decided to paint two pears which is always a sure subject but they started to look like birds and then they were born! I could call them Peardridges though.

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