rosalinda wofford

rosalinda wofford

Very well done for only a second oil painting. Unusual perspective, not easy to paint but you've pulled it off. Just one point, it might be an optical illusion but the horizon line appears higher on the left than the right. Sorry if I'm wrong.

Lovely summery feeling to this one Rosalinda. Well done it puts one in a better mood just looking at it..

Thanks for your kind comments...I did feel summery when I did this a few days ago,and it reminded me of the fantastic walks round the isle of wight we did last year.Val,as a beginner at photography I find it hard to get the camera to focus on the picture,unless part of the thing that holds up the picture is in the shot too...this time a chair cushion.....and dont worry the horizon is ok..(I cheated and measured it out down the canvas before drawing it.....)its the photo thats skew wiff...!

and then I cropped the photo......not so good at posting things iether...!

Hang on Studio Wall

My second oil painting..its a bit wider than this,but I am having a job to photo it (Something to consider in the learning process here....!) Still having fun painting...!

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