Ale & Oysters

Ale & Oysters small

The ale looks brilliant, never eaten a oyster in my life.

Not an oyster lover, but the look great. For me the ale and bottle are the masterpiece of the painting.

Marvellous Rebecca in every which way

Fantastic to have some feedback, thank you for these comments!

Fantastic Rebecca what a treat

That's two really good glass paintings I've seen in the last couple of days. Never tried it myself, must give it a go. Like the other comments, I'll give the oysters a miss, try the ale though.

Great still life, particularly the head of the ale, glass, bottle and that slice of lemon. Super work Rebecca.

Great still life Rebecca

I really enjoyed looking at this painting. The play of light on the various components of the still life is really well executed. I particularly liked the lemon

I can only say "Wow!"

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Oil on canvas 45cm x 35cm

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