Hon Fleur harbour

Hon Fleur harbour

Gorgeous work Rosalind, so much detail this must have taken you ages

Great drawing! Lovely detail and lightness of touch.

great drawing:)Linda

This caught my eye. I love the detail and overall composition.

Thanks for all kind comments. Two books I can recommend for line drawing: Rendering in Pen & Ink by Arthur L. Guptill (my all-time favourite) and Sketching Your Favourite Subjects in Pen & Ink by Claudia Nice.

Hi Rosalind Ros P here again, just seen your lovely comment on my pastel dog portrait of dog wanting ball thrown again for it

Oh the work! But it's paid off. I've seen Claudia Nice's book, and watched several of her video demos, but must look out for the Arthur L. Guptill one - hadn't heard of it before. Do you sketch the body of the work in pencil before going in with the pen, or is that "cheating"?

Thanks Robert. The Arthur Guptill book is available on Amazon: there are two, one on pen and ink and the other on pencil. The work in the pen and ink book is incredible. I do draw in the basic outlne in pencil first to make sure I have all the perspective right. It's impossible to alter it once the ink goes on (a lesson learned the hard way!) With a permanent ink pen, it is easy to rub out the pencil marks afterwards as it doesn't smudge. That's the bit I like best, when the ink drawing emerges from the parts left white.

I loved this Rosamund. It's so inspiring

Hang on Studio Wall

A pen and ink drawing of the old harbour office in Hon Fleur, with my own photographs as reference.

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