I am imagining a whiteout I skied in many years ago, very scary!

Unique, not really. More a duller version of Alphonse Allais’ ‘First communion of anaemic young virgins in the snow.’

Meant to say 1883 exhibition of Arts Incoherent.

It a really great painting of a snow storm, if you look closely you can pick out the individual snow flake. What the he’ll was I’m my coffee?.

I'll pass on the painting but could I buy the frame?

Inspiring painting....id have loved the frame...👏👏👏😀

Well, proof that you frame your art as well as you paint them!

Made me smile - so as art it works as it has elicited an emotion.

Hang on Studio Wall

For Sale! This unique and definitive example of modern Conceptual Art comes with a conceptual price tag..frame not included. Most of us on POL selling is not why we paint. The important part being that we love the experience of the act of portraying something that is unique to the individual...a personal visual mark that describes our reaction to an imaginary vision or from something that we see and wish to record it. II think it a pity that its initial simplicity now includes 'touting for trade'

For Sale

About the Artist
Roger Knapik

Born Edinburgh, educated Chester Grammar and now living near Bath. With no interest in, nor art experience of any kind until just before art school, I was asked to enrol on the flimsiest of evidence in the form of a couple of sketches. I am eternally grateful to the late head, Jack Shore, for…

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