Now your going back a way Robert, I worked on the engines before it was scrapped. Lovely image of it in flight, and what could have been.

Very true Norman a great pity it was scrapped along with a great slice of British expertise and a large part of the aviation industry, in the 70's I worked with a few guys who had worked on TSR2's electronics at Hobsons and consequently made redundant when the firm went bust over the closure. It could have been a world beating plane given half a chance.

My working career was spent at Rolls Royce so I was fortunate to work on Concorde engines, another beautiful aircraft. Keep those lovely images coming Robert.

My husband also worked on TSR2 at Weybridge and also on Concorde. Roger was there when the jigs were cut up over the weekend to ensure that TSR2 couldn't be built again. He is really impressed with your painting and asked me to send him over a copy to his laptop. I don't know much about the aircraft but I can see that it is a very accomplished painting.

Thea It could have been a superb aircraft but as usual it was killed by politics, We will never know what shenanigans really went on but it was obviously vehement as everything pertaining to the TSR2 was destroyed on orders from above. At least one wreck was found and restored and is now in Cosford Aircraft Museum where incidental I photographed it for this painting. Glad your husband liked it and that people remember this iconic British aircraft of the 1960's.

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TSR2 over Tenby

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