into Winter

into Winter

This is beautiful. The palette you have used, with some lovely highlights in the foreground in pastel, is stunning, and I like moody windswept feel of the tree and bush. Perhaps there is a slight feeling of melancholy, (which is in no way a criticism), but I see such energy!

this has the lovely feel of something done "on the spot". Agree with Lesley the lighting is super and the colours evocative of Winter but with a hint of warmth. Like the fallen tree in the river and the handling of the water. Nice free brush strokes and twiggy effect on the tree. Fab job Robert

Instantly recognizable as yours Robert. Love the depth. the trees and those few autumn leaves just clinging on. Smashing. I finished something similar to this in pastel a while ago. East Tytherton near Chippenham near the river Avon.

Full of energy and looks so windswept. I like your style here.

You have really captured the movement here, Robert, and given me inspiration to use pastels with paint as well as in their own right. Thanks also for your contructive comments on my paitings, much appreciated. I hope you recover quickly from your fall and get painting again soon.

I love this, your choice of colours is wonderful, and your delicate use of pastels beautiful

Robert, I don't know what the circumstances of the "fall" is and how bad but thanks that you still make the time and effort to help others with their "silly insecurities" - thanks again for your comment - tomorrow I will be at my painting again! Your work certainly looks accomplished I think is the right English isn't that good....I am from South Africa - love your landscapes.....Wish you a quick recovery. Anita van Zyl

Hi Robert, hope your much better now, and I'm glad I browsed through and found this, love the way you have used water colours in the back ground for sky and distant mountain, the fore ground looks fantastic too, its lovely.

Hi Robert. I have recently joined the gallery and put my paintings on-line on 12/1/10. I have been looking at the gallery ever since and have noticed your comments on many artists' work but couldn't see any of yours and wondered why so I deliberately tried to find your portfolio. Reading the above, I now know why there haven't been any recent postings. I hope you are better soon. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Jean

What a super wind swept painting. As you have shown here playing about produces some lovely effects. I do hope you're well on the mend with lots of ideas just waiting to go on paper and keep us "browsers" happy.Avril.

this is a super piece of work love your use of colours and the title into winter will have to look at the rest of your work.

I want to be there - a spontaneous painting, and how you are recovering from your fall

Superb movement and variety of tones as well as recession - it's all here! I hope you're fit and well again, and - judging by this picture - haven't completely abandoned the mixed-media for your oil paints!

Having been a beneficiary of your kind remarks on my daubings, only now did it occur to me to be proactive and seek your paintings out. And highly overdue it was too. I suspected a refined sensibility, and your paintings confirm this. Great complex textures and very personal style. That pale crimson blush in the shrubbery here is a winner.

Did you say you had a fall? I hope everything is ok. You must be, since you're still giving all those heart warming comments. We need it here so badly, we're in the dead of winter in Canada. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

Robert, I can't believe it. You were outnumbered and got bullied into agreeing with them. They twisted you arm and I hope it was not the fractured one or was it, and you just had to give in. I had the best laugh when I read your message. Made my day. Just to let you know, I think you are right. Cheers. Chito

An interesting set of comments melancholy...great sense of that winters' low you think that the water could have been just a little more horizontal?

Actually, looking at the original again, there seems to be a fairly startling lean on the scan/photograph which isn't apparent on the actual picture - so I suppose I got it off-centre; probably didn't notice because the original was OK (at least, I think it is). I shall photograph it again, thanks for the tip!

Ah photographer's elbow struck...or is your tripod a bit like mine re the horizontal? Sort of a near clapped-out old friend?....check the horizontal by scrolling the image up/down your screen perhaps?

Thanks Robert for having a look; I feel that the leftthand wall is a bit clean! and leftthand corner empty...........a few flower pots?.... but I don't trust my opinion. Are you back to painting? Regards, Avril.

Just visited your gallery after your comment on one of mine. Love your landscapes - this one in particular, it just looks so windy! The colours are so subtle and the mixed media technique works so well. Do hope you on the road to recovery very soon and able to post more paintings.

Robert - Sorry I missed this one. Personally, I think it is one of my favorites from you! Maybe you should play with diff materials more often!

Skylar - I found your comment very interesting, and thank you for it - I let my instincts rule in this one, and can, perhaps, be a touch too controlled. On the whole, I think the smaller I work, the worse I get .... wonder why that is, to be honest. And all others, many thanks for your comments - 23 is, I think, my personal record! Actually, I wonder - being short sighted (a "high myope", if you please!) do I peer too much at detail and fail to see the bigger picture? Answering that question for myself - I dunno! Even so - I think the bigger I work, the better I get. Wonder if anyone else has a view on this? As a peering old git, I should fnd further comment interesting... I feel a blog coming on....

Hi Robert. This is stunning! I admire your talent and totally agree with all the positive comments listed. Thanks for commenting on my cosmos. I'll keep trying and maybe one day, I'll be able to produce something as spectacular.

Thank you Robert for your kind remarks about my work, I've had a look at yours and I'm very impressed with the delicacy of your line and the subtlety of your work in general. I gather you haven't been very well lately, hope you've had a good recovery and like the rest of us you're back at the spoiling paper business by now. best regards John Kay

Posted by John Kay on Mon 15 Mar 10:29:50

Robert, Thank you very much for your comments on my paintings. This painting is just lovely, as are many of your other works! The whole painting conveys movement. I could feel the wind sweeping through the branches.

Hi Robert Thanks for comment. Never tried mixed media, but it certainly works for you. Like the robin and badger, I use 140lb weight watercolour paper; no special paper. I use washes and try to be impressionistic - not too detailed.

Robert i love this painting. The detail is beautiful. I aspire to be able to paint like this!

i like the atmosphere in your pictures robert, how do you manage to get so many comments, l hardly get any on mine, maybe it is that my art doesnt appeal to such a wide audience lol ;-) well done anyway :-)

Hi Robert, Just been browsing through your gallery. What superb paintings especially this one took my eye. Noticed though that you haven't posted anything for some time, hope that you are still producing these masterpieces. I presume that you are the Robert who is commenting on my pictures, and I thank you for your interesting encouragement and annecdotes. The comments above indicate that you have had a fall, I do hope that it has not stopped you painting, as I should like to see more from you. Wonderful atmospheric landscapes.

having another look through Robert and stopped for a drink at this one just spot on . i like it,

I'm surprised i haven't spotted this one before. It jumped out at me this time. With the colours and directionality you have created a great atmosphere.

Fab work Robert the grasses are amazing have had a look at your other paintings, just as good

Hang on Studio Wall

The last one I finished before having my fall - playing about a bit, to be honest, in watercolour, touches of pastel, and some Indian ink. Reflected my mood at the time!

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