'The Mooring, River Esk / Whitby'

'The Mooring, River Esk / Whitby'

Gorgeous capturing of the light in this watercolour painting Robert

Superb lighting - god knows how you do it.

Lovely atmospheric watercolour. The foliage is gorgeous. But what is the "controlled wash method" ?

Beautiful painting and superb light. What exactly is the 'controlled wash' method?

Thanks for all your comments. Agnes, the controlled wash method involves the introduction of colour to pre-wetted paper to form an initial, loose, diffused wash. When the wash is dry, further colour is added to build shape and form, sometimes 'wet into wet' and sometimes 'wet onto dry'. The final stage involves adding detail etc., just enough to complete the painting without overworking. I hope this helped. Robert

Beautiful watercolour Robert, the light is stunning.

Lovely atmosphere, great colour.

Lovely light through those trees Robert.

Thanks for all your comments.

I can 'smell' this painting - and I can't pay a higher compliment than that.

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An atmospheric watercolour using a limited palette of colours and the 'controlled wash' method.

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