Stormy Prairie

Stormy Prairie, 9 x 12, oil on board, 2022 2387x3183

I love this. The colours in the coat/ fur work brilliantly

Love everything about this painting. Reminds me very much of that film. Dances with Wolves.

Another fine piece of work - interesting to read your full profile, too. I've had a soft spot for buffalo/bison/Wisent since encountering one in Bristol Zoo, where I stayed in my uncle's house for a while as a child. Ferdinand was his name (the bison, not my uncle) and he very understandably hated the world and would charge his bars (imagine keeping an animal like this on his own; it was criminal) when particularly cross. But he seemed to like me: we communed through the bars. I'm quite sure I've told this story before, and quite possibly on one of your paintings, but the memory has stayed with me for some 65 years: and in a way, it makes me feel guilty - he was a magnificent creature, huge, and, I would think, as lonely as hell.

Really like the contrasting colours which work well. Great bison - very majestic

What a superb beast and a superb painting.

A very strong painting Richard full of colour and drama.

Fabulous, solid powerful and beautifully painted

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9" x 12", oil on board

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Biography Richard Kimball Jolley, American oil painter, b. 1954 – R.K. Jolley graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art, and has been painting…

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