ultramarine 2

ultramarine 2

Very nice Rebecca ...you could perhaps drop the horizon down a little,, but its a good watercolour

Hi Alan :-) thanks for looking at my artwork and for commenting, i appreciate it :-) i know a landscape should not be portrait but it is easier for me that's all. The horizon down a little, ok :-) cos i even used a ruler for these :-p

Hi Rebecca..Good image,a level horizon keeps the water in :-) A landscape in portrait is ok :-)

I like your tonal paintings Rebecca, not an expert on landscapes myself but they are pleasing to my eye.

I like the sense of depth that you have portrayed in this painting, by adding the bank and flowers in the foreground. :)

Hi Robbin......well this is because i was copying Geoff Kersey's teaching art dvd's to see if i could do anything :-) i even used a ruler :-p i am pleased you like the picture :-)

Hi Sarah :-) i am pleased i was able to achieve the depth, but it is only because i was copying from the dvd, if i was not, this painting would not look like this :-p

Eyecatching and yet serene landscape Rebecca and I too often use the portrait format for landscapes. Don't think that it matters very much, just personal choice.

Hi Vivienne :-) thanks for the lovely comments, i am happy you like it :-) cool, i thought i may be perceived as an idiot or something :-p

This is very calming the best part for me is the bottom right hand corner, there is great depth in the plants, what a loverly colour

i liked how the corner turned out too, but the hills are a little too lumpy bumpy i think :-p the Geoff Kersey dvd is very inspiring :-) thanks so much for looking at my paintings and commenting :-)

Hang on Studio Wall

This is the second of the Geoff Kersey excercises i did using caran d'ache french ultramarine gouache. The paper is 180 clairefontane paper. :-)

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