Red Admiral

Red Admiral

I don't mean to be picky, Rebecca, but if this painting went so wrong in the way you have described then why have you posted it on the gallery? I try to post only my best work so as to keep up the standard of work on display, which I believe most people would agree with. Perhaps it would have been better to turn the paper over and have another go. Nothing wrong with getting a painting wrong - we all do it frequently - we just don't necessarily post them. Only trying to be helpful as I can see that you are trying to improve your work.

Thanks for your comments Thea. Just because one person thinks paintings are wrong, may not be the next persons thoughts.

If the artist thinks it is wrong, then it is doubtful that anyone else viewing the painting will think any different. After all, it is your own evaluation of your work in the end that counts. I happen to agree with your assessment of your painting - there are things wrong and in my humble opinion it would have been better to try and correct the mistakes and then the painting would be ready to post. Most people on this gallery don't post everything they draw or paint (heaven forbid!) as it just isn't practical - they just pick out the paintings that have gone right and post them. I know people often say that a bit didn't quite go right, or they aren't happy with a certain section, but that it usually because they are setting themselves a very high standard and trying to reach it. Do you see what I mean? I should just have another go as it isn't a big painting and I am sure you will be able to get all the bits you weren't happy with right in the end and this will result in positive comments.

mmm it may have gone wrong but perhaps some wild flowers in the foreground and close it in with some shadows you may learn more from a rescue attempt as for the aqua crayons they can be a little heavy for delicate work I have used these but with a cotton bud to dampen whats on the page with a bit of teasing you can drag the colour around to err is human keep up the good work

Hi Rebecca. I don't think any painting by be classifed as a 'failure'. It may not achieve what you set out to, but it will still have intrinsic value. Above all educational value. Watercolourists have to be a stoical bunch: each time is the first time. 'Failures' tell us what we can improve on - they're much more instructive then those elusive 'successes'! Personally I've never done a painting that couldn't be improved upon, but I wouldn't classify them as unsuccessful. So take my advice: change your portfolio title, keep posting and keep painting.

hey Kim, thanks for commenting :-) i agree with you, :-) and eye eye captain :-p changing the title of the portfolio :-p

Hang on Studio Wall

This went totally wrong, the orange/red bands are angled wrong and the whole thing is squashed. It is a watercolour on Canson Montval watercolour paper 300gsm, and i used Lyra aqua crayons.

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