It made me smile, Rebecca - poor worms, but lucky bird!

Sorry Rebecca - I wrote worms but then thought they probably wouldn't be in a tree, so perhaps it should be caterpillars? I'm still finding some out in the garden although I would have thought it's quite late in the year for them...

they are worms Jane, but i did think they should be caterpillars as they seem to be everywhere you can see, rather than worms in the ground :-p now it's even funnier :-p yes, very lucky bird :-) maybe i'l do another one, this time with colourful caterpillars :-) as i had trouble making the colour for the worms, they blended into the tree colour :-p im really happy it made you smile :-)

I think he's smiling too, Rebecca.... And so he should.!

I think you are right Ruth :-) he has a mischievous almost wicked grin on his face, like he can read their minds :-p

Very nice Rebecca, I love your little captions !! Lucky bird poor worms, don't fancy their chances !

thanks so much Denise :-) yep, very lucky day for the bird, very sad day for worms :-p im not liking their chances either :-p

Hi Rebecca, if they are worms then they were probably brought into the tree by on other bird, who found them not to his pallet, so not such a lucky day for the bird on the branch. Defiantly made me smile, keep them coming.

I know birds talk my friend had a parrot, but I didn't know worms did, but then I am a little deaf..You do get worms in trees, wood worms :-)

Hi Peter :-) thanks so much for your comments, i am pleased you like it and that it made you smile :-)

Hi Robbin :-) what was the name of the parrot? of course worms talk, if you listen hard enough you will hear them :-) wood worms :-p very funny :-)

lovely..............made me laugh

Hi Rebecca..The parrot was called "Polly" and my friends name was Long John Silver..The parrot used to tell us about telling long boring stories to worms until they fell asleep and then he ate them.;-)

and there was me thinking you were being serious Robbin :-p that really inst very nice of long john silver at all, he needs to learn etiquette manners :-)

This had me cackling! Good one, Rebecca!

What a lucky bird! he won't have to look far for his dinner :o))

love this picture but also the portfolio. good to be smiling as the winter months set in!

Thanks so much Fiona for looking and commenting, im really happy you like it and the portfolio :-)

Hi Rebecca - it has been some time now since your last posting. Hope all is ok with you.

Hello Rebecca... You are missed.

awwwwwww you two :-p me being missed?! :-p i cant believe that :-p i did mention somewhere i had lost my inspiration, hence why i have not been posting. When my inspiration goes, i cant be around arty things, cos they make me angry i can create anything i like :-p i have b"een building my website and changing it about a bit in the meantime, and uploading old paintings to it until i have created new ones :-) my inspiration is slowly returning now, and i have (will be after posting this reply) uploading 3-4 paintings, because i cannot remember if i uploaded the cake failure that i think you inspired me to create Julie on the day you said you were eating a cherry scone and a cuppa, i think :-p the cake went wrong though.

Hang on Studio Wall

website and blog - Brusho yellow, inktense black, W/N opaque white, pebeo chinese ink to outline Read the American Goldfinch's thoughts last. This is a funny comic style caption painting that reads from the left worm first, to the right worm in front of the bird, to the worm on the leaf which is really tiny, and lastly to the thoughts of the bird :-p i hope it makes you all smile :-) ( you may have to look at this painting in big mode)

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