Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Lovely soft washes Sarah, I think a little pen here and there would really make it jump out.

Thank you Fiona! I think that you are right, Happy New Year :)

I like the choice of Spring colour. Some good negative painting in there too Sarah.

Love the ebb and flow of the washes, Sarah. I agree with Fiona - a touch of pen in strategic places would make it pop. Happy New Year to you!

Hi Sarah, just looked up Richard! Really like his loose, impressionistic style. Love his heavy and broad brush strokes, especially on his sea and beach scenes. You've got an exciting time ahead too. Good luck and I can't wait to see your paintings. Will you be working in oils or acrylics?

Thank you all for your nice comments :). Carole I am beginning to enjoy negative painting very much, Seok, I would like to add pen but am too scared to at the moment ,just in case I spoil it, I think that I shall have to print a copy and try that first, Fiona, I will upload an acrylic of the last work shop so that you can check it out. I joined this because my oil paintings were getting a bit muddy as I'm too impatient to let them dry before adding extra layers but I have lapsed back to acrylics, I feel better painting with them! More oils in the new year methinks!!!

Sarah, sorry if I miss a few of your latest postings but I am having a little break from POL at the moment. My brother died very suddenly last Monday and it was a terrible shock. I just don't feel up to checking out the gallery at the moment. Sorry, and I will catch up later. I just didn't want you to think I was being rude.

Dear Thea, so sorry to hear your sad news. Hold onto all those golden memories you cherish and find comfort in them. My heart goes out to you and your family. Ps I would never think you rude but thanks for the message, take care xx

Hang on Studio Wall

This evolved on a piece of watercolour paper. I like to paint shapes that I see forming in the various washes that I make. It has no rhyme or reason but I like that! I might have to add pen in the future to give it more definition, not too sure!

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I live close to the North Norfolk coast and have painted in many mediums over the years, primarily in watercolours .

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