This is really beautiful. The colours are vibrant and blended so well.

Absolutely delicious colours. If this just "happened" I can't imagine what planned would be like. This is stunning.

Marvellous, so full of energy!

Yes. Most refreshing Val. I find that the less serious a painting is tackled, the more vibrant it is.

Sorry to be so late in getting back but thankyou everyone for your lovely comments.

Val - what a cracking wave! It is full of energy and enchanting colours that appeal to my Aquarian eye! Brilliant.

I think this is brilliant!

Love this seascape in pastel Val, super colours and so realistic, feels like you could just go for a swim in that sea, when it gets a LOT warmer of course!! xx

Hang on Studio Wall

Wet and dry soft pastel. Just messed around with blues and white, wet it and let it do it's own thing and this sea scape evolved. Not exactly a masterpiece but I found it quite relaxing to do.

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