Puff....Sylvia's challenge

Puff....Sylvia's challenge

:) Great !

I think my imagination got him mixed up with a cow........do dragons have horns??? Thanks Linda and Kirstie.

That's a Healan Coo wearing armour, he only thinks he's a Dragon because he's been eating magic mushrooms!! lol He's a super Dragon Val, love his painted nails.

He's a beauty Val..horns 'n all !

I was humming Puff the magic dragon to myself when I saw the title. Must be an age thing!

what a lovely little chap hope he doesn't eat too many of those mushrooms

Brill. That coluld have been Dunbo next to you and that dance film with patrick swayze on your right...

Great finally we know what puff looks like. What inspired you to paint a fictional character as most of your other material seems different ? is a really nice painting which makes me smile :)

Your baby dragon is a cutey Val. I love how you have tapered the scales down to his tail. I love Fiona's comment!

Could be related to a cow! Hes a real beauty especially done without reference....or may be thats why he's got a pair of horns. I think I might award you the prize for best dragon...Shhhh just don't tell the others. But you do realise that its a virtual prize?

Thank you everyone for your comments I've had a good chuckle at them. Healan cow in chain mail Fiona, how dare you insult my poor baby dragon LOL. Thanks Sylvia, I'll keep it a secret :)

He is so cute, Val, love him!

Sorry Val, do make my most profound apologies to Puff, I don't know what came over me.lol

Hang on Studio Wall

Sorry a bit late...... Puff the magic dragon with his magic mushrooms. He's only a baby that's why he's so wee.LOL

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