Chuckies in the Burn

Chuckies in the Burn

Love all the colours and shapes, lovely painting

A delightful subject which you've painted with real affection and flair.

Drawn to this one 'cos of the lovely colours and shapes, it draws us in to take a peek

Hi Val, this certainly caught my eye, lovely exercise, just love the colours, textures and delicate brush work, Only slight critic is the tonal depth, but not knowing where the light source if from, it's difficult to make comment. Was it painted from a photo or an arranged composition with lighting, would be intrested to know. Know what you mean about the masking fluid, it can be a pain. I certainly need to concider this as an exercise to try.

Wee chuckies....a devil when you get them in your shoe! Lol. Love the colour combinations Val and great textures.

Very well done Val, and not an easy subject at all. I love the colours and the texture of the pebbles.

Lovely subject beautifully painted. Best wishes for 2013 x

Thank you Satu, Glennis, Kim, Ros , Peter, Fiona, Christine and Lesley for looking and taking the time to leave such lovely comments. I treated this one as an exercise in texture. I've been reliably informed that chuckies are small smooth and oval shaped ( easier to get in your shoe Fiona :) ) so perhaps I should call this "pebbles" after all LOL. Peter, this is from a photo taken by my daughter who loves to take "arty" pics then challanges me to try and paint them.

My sort of subject! Great shapes and colours ...... lovely!

My goodness - your title takes me back. It is many years since I have heard pebbles called 'chuckies' - what my mother always called them. This is a gorgeous painting with all the wonderful colours that pebbles in water always have. Beautifully painted in your own super style - great work, Val.

Many thanks Avril and Thea for your lovely comments.

A lovely glowing piece, Val! Super stuff!

Hi Val, thanks so much for your super comment on my latest dog pastel portrait Gabby, so pleased you like her, the original photo from pmp was so cute hat I had to have ago and I knew I could make a good job of her, dhounds are super cute, and she had such lovely eyes as well, as everyone knows a key feature or me!

Hang on Studio Wall

or in other words " Pebbles" LOL Watercolour apart from a little white gouache for some of the highlights I lost when painting. My masking fluid had started to metamorphose..............Thanks for looking.

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