Seed Head

Seed Head

Hiya Val, this looks very striking, I love the dark background as it really makes the red stand out. I can just imagine this hanging in a modern house on a wall by itself! Hazel:-)

Hi Val, Great colours here. The blue/purple inner bit (botanical term) is well done too. Your flowers are my favourite. Ta for your comment mate. Paint on.

Val, I have not mentioned your lovely poppy - it is particularly well painted, I love the seed head. Thank you for your comments. I haven't been that busy, they are just little paintings I do over a period of time like yourself. I have just posted one for you! I have mentions to Brenda that you and I, Beatrice and Margaret McDougall are the only ones that seem to comment on paintings now. We seem to be able to paint comment, garden, housework and cook all in one day! Did you know women are multitasked!

Hello Val, This is a super painting, love the colours and well painted. You have produced a lovely piece of work from just a part of a single flower. Well done. Thank you for your comments ,Regards, Joe.

Posted by Joe Hush on Thu 17 Jul 00:17:43

Hello again Val, I have just feasted my eyes on your gallery and in particular on the close-ups of flowers. I am embarking on just that topic in October in a 4-day watercolour workshop. I just wanted to let you know that I have been visiting Hazel Soan's website and, thanks to you, I have expanded my watercolour horizon a little more. We now await Hazel Soan's TV programs in Canada, perhaps ??

Hello val, Just looked through your portfolios and I must say that I really enjoy your work, thank you for showing it.

Hi Val, thought i would have a look at your portfolio. What a fantastic colour. Looks like scarlet silk. I like the dark background, stunning. Many thanks for your comments. Carole.

hi ya val,fantastic picture,

i bet this looks really stunning on the wall,great colours...chris

Hello val, thankyou for your caring and comment on my lovely boy, i did'nt mean to make you sad. and you obviously know the saddness of loseing a much loved pet. but i firmly belive that the benifits of having an older dog with health problems far outways the saddness of loseing them, as you know you have given them the happiest years of there lives. i'm still undecied about getting another at the moment, but time will tell. sorry to hear your dog is declining it never gets any easier to see them like that does it.he was my only pet and the house seems so emty. i do adore this painting..... its stunning... and one of my fav flowers. best regards irene. ps .... please excuse my awfull spelling.... my brain has turned to mush. i really must throw myself into some painting..but goodness knows what it will look like. lol.

wow......very the red and the centre is amazing in its detail

I love this painting Val, it is very modern look and so very beautiful. The colours and the composition makes it very interesting.

First time on your gallery & what a gallery it is to, i like what i see......this one i like very much....the colours are very striking. Very well painted.

this is also a brilliant painting. you have a great talent.!

Hi Val. Thank you for your kind comments re my paintings, I love yopur Poppy, they are one of my wife's favourite flower, we have them in our garden at Victor Harbour South Australia. I have left a reply on my gallery page to your blog But in case you don't see it, do you come from Manchester as my wife was originally a Kenyon from Manchester ? Bill truslove

Fantastic! Poppies are one of my favourite flowers. All of your work is VERY good. Thank you very much for your comment on my waterlily.

Hi thank you for your comments on my work. I think your have some excellent work too, I especially like this one wonderful detail on the seeds and the rich velvety colours.

Hi Val, what a great Gallery you have, but I think this is my favourite - simply stunning work, I love poppies [ is there anyone who does'nt I wonder?] Thanks for leaving feedback on here for me, don't the paintings posted fly by so quickly though, I find it hard to keep track! - not like AF! lol

Hi Val. I'm delighted to see your Spiders in the Woodshed in the images of the month....Good for you! and Well done. I haven't been on the site much recently,so have missed out on a lot. Sorry but this was the only posting of yours that I could find on the newly vamped POL site. Ruth xx

There are paintings of poppies and paintings of poppies...but this is glorious.

This is a fabulous work Val!

Val, sorry about this but can't think how else to contact you. I have just deleted the Venice pen and wash you so kindly left a comment on a little while ago. When I saw it on the screen I hated the pencil line I had put framing the painting, so rubbed it out and now have to re-photograph it tomorrow (light too bad now). Sorry about this, but will re-load with your very kind comment which I really appreciate.

Just spotted this one, Val. It's gorgeous!

Very Georgia O'Keiffe, Val. Fabulous!

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas. 25" / 21". Painted from a poppy growing in my garden 2007. One of several painted in different mediums.

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