Sorry, my scanner needs cleaning...again. Where do all the bits come from ? :)

Love your handling of colour!

Absolutely gorgeous, Val. Beautiful from the berries to the tip of the bird's tail. The delicacy and attention to detail is utterly convincing. Bri

Fabulous drawing Val. Never seen one but they are rather special.

Stunning work Val, your blending is superb! A beautiful piece of work.

Cheers everyone for your lovely comments I appreciate them.

Lovely painting of these gorgeous birds, we are lucky to see them in the garden every now and then 😀

This is gorgeous Val, I love your pencil work. I will have to try drawing more birds!

Great depiction Val, saw a tree near Wareham absolutely full of Waxwings stuffing themselves with Rowan berries, quite a few years ago with my wife...a birder friend tipped us off as to where they were. Brilliant birds, but they would have stripped the berries in a couple of days...maybe less.

Lovely bird Val. A contingent of these beauties arrived on my hedge over 20 years ago and we had no idea what they were because we have never seen them before. Not been seen since.

Linda. Margaret, Bob and Dorothy many thanks for taking the time to leave your generous comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

Waxwing, coloured pencil on bristol board. I love these birds, so colourful. Thanks for taking a peep.

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