The Red Hat With Laces

The Red Hat With Laces

Such a contrast to the style of todays clothing John. Very ripped jeans thank goodness lol. Great contrasting colours.

Super drawing John and he had made me smile . Someone really should have invented Velcro earlier.

Sylvia actually Velcro has always been out there in nature but on seen in resent times. Thanks for your feedback

Like it John. Nice work.

Very smart John. We’ve lost the art of tying laces one handed in the evolution of fashion! Lol I expect he would have had a surf to do that for him.

Thanks Fiona. I never thought of that of course someone would have do the laces up for him. Thanks for the feedback.

Excellent pen and wash. His body position is really good!

Reinventing fashion John...lovely accurate sketch.

Thanks Andre. No not reinventing just looking back a few hundred years.

I wonder how he managed to do up those laces on his arms. That looks a bit like a bakers hat John!

Thanks Adele, some helped him to dress.

Or if they had lycra at that time, he could have easily slipped into his clothes. They must have spent quite a bit of time getting dressed in those good old days. Great sketch.

Posted on Mon 27 Nov 12:41:55
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From my A4 Sketchbook. 15 Century Cothing. Watercolour and ink pen.The men certainly did dress up well. All those laces to do up. I suppose buttons had not been invented at that time. However the weapons of warfare were much more advanced. lol

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