Light Brings The Colours Out Too Play

Light Brings The Colours Out Too Play

Some wonderful observation John with interesting dashes of colours and strong sunlight. Some great colour in the shade too.

Super work. I would not have chosen this scene to paint, but you make it shine. That's why it always a pleasure to look at other artist's work. They 'see' a picture where you may not. Fantastic color and light.

Wonderful contrast John, I do like the blue/purples in the foreground shadows.

John, your technique with the knife creating texture and light is excellent

And you played this one perfectly John brilliant work

You are so good at showing the light in your work John, this is another beauty.

Lovely purples as the darks John, great contrast against the "light".

Beautiful colours especially the foreground shadows, and interesting marks.

Thank you Carole, Lewis, Alan, David, Dennis, Margaret, Marjorie and Sandra. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Wonderful mix of dark and lights John but I’m captivated by the strong purple shadows.

Just brilliant John, and the violet in the shadows is a masterstroke

Great work John, gorgeous colours. I like too the colours in the shade.

To me, John this does not look dashed in any way, it's a well thought out and very active concierto. Love the arresting composition and dappled light leading the eye in and around especially the 'buffer' on the right. great !

Gorgeous painting, John. You make the mundane look wonderful.

Lovely light leading to distant pastures John

what can. I say John that nobody else has said!

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil Knife painting. Size 12x10 inches. Lots of paint and a host of interesting marks. This looks dashed off but I was watching it unfold for at least a couple of hours.

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