Let's All Have A Go At This

Let's All Have A Go At This

Let's all have a go. This image was taken from my imaginative sketch book. Put some colour on a piece of paper overlay with another piece, press down then peel away. What do you see? Let your imagination show you the art that is on that spread of colour. Another way take a sheet of paper fold in half place colour on one side then fold the blank half over the colour. Open up what do you see. Now work up what your imagination shows you. Do have a go and upload the result. One of our master painters namely David Harrison will be awarding Gold, Silver, and Bronze stars for the best entries. I a sure David will be well pleased when he finds out because he loves giving awards. Rio 16 here we come.

I'll have a go when I get home this evening !! Looks like fun John.

Your a good sport Carole. Have a good day. thanks.

Are you being 2 faced ??? I'm Donna ;-)

Thank you Donna, but please read the instruction first.

Yes I have John and as I said I will have a go when I get home this evening as it looks like fun ;-)

I might see if I have time over the weekend. Looks fun.

Self portrait John? Love the hair.

the award for most imaginative painting goes to golden b re( David Beckham) kind of cubist in style clearly from your bloo period .The chap with the beatle haircut looks quizzical yet happy go lucky .I think the gold award must go to Donna she is alert to your care free artist ways .well young John your award is of course gold purely for your wild bohemian artistic licence

Thank you David that's was splendid, I hope you find similar words and awards for the other contestants Starman.

I only save my words and awards for top of the range work that is intuitive ,spontaneous and full of energy

I will bet its not as easy as it looks...

With an imagination like yours Peter it's a piece of cake for you.

ooh gone all Picasso on us 'ave you? Good idea, will try John ;)

Great fun, John, will have to have a go!

Ha! A clever illusion John. Two heads are better then one, so they say! Will give it a try when I find some paints!

I'm dying to try it too - after grandchildren are safely back home!

I'll have a go John but I warn you, I have no imagination. Might not get chance tomorrow but the weekend beckons. It looks Picasso-ish

Hang on Studio Wall

This image is taken from my imaginative sketchbook. Size A5. Medium watercolour, ink and a little bit of crayon

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