Just One More

Just One More

So glad you did too John, it is smashing and good use of the trail back to the car, however knackered

Lovely vibrant picture. You must have been gripped by it, and feeling 'in the groove'!

Thanks Derek, knackered in deed but everything was flowing so beautiful with my work that day. I did not want to stop. I am gripped and in the groove all the time Shirley, Thanks. Thank you Dennis.

A lovely bold, colourful painting, John. (Out of interest, what is your background in art? You haven"t entered anything under your profile, and it's always nice to know a bit about the artist whose work you're looking at.)

Fantastic painting John, so strong, colourful and bright. I love the tree!!

Wonderful depth in the foreground tones, a charming scene, John

Was it the sharp contrast of the shade of the canopy to the bightness beyond John that induced you to paint this? The silhouette of the branches against the bule clear sky is very striking.

Jenny I have been working on what to say about my art background. I thought it to long and I do not want to ramble on and on. However I will post something. Yes I agree I like to read other artist backgrounds. Thank you Satu. The tree has that beautiful bend in it. Thank you pat, yes the wiggley path. Thanks Fiona, it was the tree and the path and the shadows, well everything.lol. Thank you all for such interesting comments. The quality of the artist we have here on POL is amazing and I am so pleased to be able see such outstanding quality.

John, very colourful it's lovely

Now I recognise your pastels, John, at first glance by colours and light and shadows. Very great pastel.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel Painting. Size10x8. I can remember very clearly the the warm sunny day I did this plein air pastel. I had just finished a long afternoons painting and was on my way back to the car. I saw this view, tired as I was but I said I simply must paint this view so I sat down unpacked. I am so glad I did.

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Life From The Easel. As an artist I see my self as an all rounder. Ive worked with all the painting mediums, as well as silk screen printing, ceramics, small sculptures, sign writing, murals, graphic design and digital art. I went to Cardiff University to do graphic design rather than do a fineā€¦

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