An Early En Plein Air Pastel ( Conway Valley Wales)

An Early En Plein Air Pastel ( Conway Valley Wales)

This exactly the kind of thing I struggle to do, that's why I admire it so much (and only 10 x 8, too). Great piece, John.

I'm really with you on not using white paper for pastels - good move. Bs a good job. I'm amazed that you make your own pastels. Perhaps you could tell us on the forum how you went about it.

Thanks Lewis. Just do it is the answer.

This has got all the lovely colours you get with using pastels, I'm new to them John but I love using them and you are right about the coloured paper 😀

I love this, John. I’ve never used pastels because of the dust. And to make your own......well, that’s something else.

Linda thank you. Pastels are only pigment plus a chalk and a binder. Mix it roll it let it dry. For shades of colours you add more white, French chalk I used.

Thanks Ellen, as for the dust who cares its the result that counts.

Thanks Linda. Put some pumic powder in to acrylic and colour. Paint this over paper. This makes a great surface for pastels.

Lovely scene John. I find pastels too messy😞 I'll stick to pencils and watercolour.

Thank you Margaret. The more the mess the better the art from me. Lol

Lovely sketch, John. Pastels are great for Plein air stuff. I used oil pastels for pictures of the Downs in the past. Scraping at them, and using a turpsy rag is fun. I must try the dry pastels again. I've got some Brusho paints coming, so dying to see what they do.

Thank you Shirley. With oil pastel I use, watercolour, or scratch and scrape off with a pallet knife. Not used any Brusho. I want to improve my painting with gouache, and catch up with oil painting this year.

Coloured paper does add a certain something when using pastels. Nice work John, I've been working on a few recently with moderate success.

Thanks Alan, keep going with them and you will have great success I am sure.

Such lovely greens John. You have a touch with pastel. Do you always make up your own paper?

Thank you Carole. I still have some I made but do not make them now since I moved home, I gave the pigments away. However I have enough art materials to open a small shop, so I am well stocked.

Oh sorry Carole you said paper. No I do not make the paper. But prime any paper I might use be it thick or thin with a thin layer of pumice powder mixed with acrylic.

I love the work on the far hills John, and I agree with you about pastels on white paper, they look a bit insipid compared to a tinted paper. I will remember to get some pumice powder when I put my next order in. I fancy having a go at making my own.

Lovely pastel John, beautiful greens and composition

Yes, you are right, with pastels it's probably best to work on tinted paper. Nice result.

Posted on Wed 31 Jan 15:50:54

Nice colours and composition.

Thank you Ibolya and Annick. Your comments are appreciated.

Thanks for the info John.

Beautifully done John, not being aufait with pastels I find it difficult to comment on the difficulties using them en plein air . Nevertheless Foel fras looks resplendent.

Interesting to see how you've developed your expertise with this medium John, dare I say from fledgling to master, great to see.

Why an interesting read John, a master indeed! Great layers and depth in this lovely painting.

Lovely work, John, with loads of spontaneity. Love the textures and the atmosphere too.

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This is my first En Plein Air Pastel Size 10x8 inches, on watercolour paper. I soon stopped working on white paper. A coloured ground is best, Burnt Sienna usually. From this small beginning I went on to making my own pastel surfaces. Then on to making my own pastels. I developed my own pochade pastel box from an old Victorian watercolour Box. Pastel painting taught me how to use colour, and I have always loved the medium for its immediate painting contact with the working surface.

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