Dunham Massey Cheshire.

Dunham Massey Cheshire.

Great pastel work, John.

It does have a beautiful sunny feel, love the colours.

Lovely pastel, John. Hope you had warm clothes and hot drinks to keep you going!

Always appreciate on location work John, it has that immediacy to it. Well constructed piece.

Really nice piece John...glowing.

You have certainly captured the strong light, even if it was rather cold. You'll have to go back in the Spring/Summer and capture some warmth.

Nicely done John, lovely old mansion, attended a short art course there some years ago. Very enjoyable.

This has the immediacy and freedom of on the spot painting John.....love the long deep shadows that winter sunshine provide.

Thank you Jennifer, Sandra, Jennifer, no flask but well wrapped up, thanks Alan, Andre, Tony, Stephen, and Fiona. Your feedback is appreciated.

A nice pastel. Love it

A super pastel painting John, a lovely bright picture and those dark shadows of the trees in the foreground are great.

A lovely pastel, John. Love the shadows.

We were here a couple of weeks ago ( a Sunday) and noticed some setting up easels in front of the house. It wasn't you was it? A good pastel painting John!

David, Margaret, Ellen and Louise. Thanks for your feedback it is appreciated. No not me Louise this pastel saw done some time back. This is the only pastel I ever made of the building. Spent many a day though around the grounds, loved the place the season round. The mill built in 1616 I have painted number of pastels and oils of it.

Beautiful colours John and great shadows.

Love the dappled sunlight John and the lovely tree frame.

Hang on Studio Wall

On location Pastel painting. Size 11x8 inches. It might look bright and sunny but is was actually very cold sitting there. The house windows had the blinds down as the open season was over and everything was being put to bed till the spring.

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