Evening At Box Hill

Evening At Box Hill

It's beautiful John, lovely pastel work.

Super work John, has that on the spot appeal.

Lovely composition and colours, John, and I especially like the tree trunk. (Having seen all the pastel posts recently, I got mine out again for another try - I've never been able to get on with them, and found I still can't, so they're back in the cupboard again!)

Lovely and vibrant John. Great pastel work.

Thank you Carole and Stephen. Jenny each medium needs a different approach, so its wonderful we have so many different mediums to chose from these days. Something for everyone. I can do watercolour when I want to but I would rather admire the beautiful work you and other artist do on P O L. I think its all about what suits ones style. When you have found that style follow it. Let it take you as far and as high like there is no end to it. Thats my view. Thank you Henry.

This is bold and expressive, I like it a lot John.

Great painting, with beautiful colours.

Another stunning pastel, John, with wonderful colours.

There are so many different styles of pastel on the gallery at the moment, all individual. I can't wait to get some additional colours......a fine example John.

Thank you Alan, Margaret, and Cesare. I am sure you will stamp your style your new pastels Fiona, thanks John

excellent work again John like your greens

Mum always said to eat my greens David, or got no cake. Thanks.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel Painting. Size10x8 inches. Sketch painted out on location.

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Life From The Easel. As an artist I see my self as an all rounder. Ive worked with all the painting mediums, as well as silk screen printing, ceramics, small sculptures, sign writing, murals, graphic design and digital art. I went to Cardiff University to do graphic design rather than do a fineā€¦

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